Tips for planning a Quinceañera


Planning a Quinceañera

If you are going to have a Quinceañera, you’re going to have to plan it.  If you’re going to plan it you need to be prepared.  Here are some steps coming from Amiga Big Bash that inform you on creative ways to prepare for your

  1. Get a partner to help you party plan.  Have a planner and organized sheet of paper so they can help you out.
  2. Be serious about your budget and stick to it.  It’s very easy to get lost in having a very big party with many details but it’s very important to remember what you should be focussing on, family.
  3.  Quinceañera’s are about family so try and plan it to be family oriented.
  4. Choose a theme that you will be sticking with throughout the preparation.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with theme so don’t be afraid to try other things, or things you’re more aware with.
  5. Figure out a color scheme and stick to it.  This will really help with blending in the decoration’s so you can make the perfect setup.
  6. Make sure to research and read up on all of the vendors you will be contacting.  It is important to take your vendor information seriously because it is possible to mess them up.
  7. Make sure that you supply enough places for people to sit down.  If you are expecting older side of the family coming then put up extra chairs in places you think they’d like to sit.
  8. Hire a babysitter for the kids at the party.  This can make everything a lot more fun as you ensure safety, and parents can get away from their kids for a bit.
  9. Make sure to do your research on the medical conditions of guests.  Make it clear exactly what you are serving and have something for everyone.  Examples of this is an allergy.
  10. Seating people that know each-other or have a higher chance of becoming friends is always a good idea when giving people table cards with numbers on them.
  11. Make sure at the end of the party that you fulfill thank you notes for everyone that was their.  This can be a crucial aspect as a lot of people expect to get a card in return for their arrival.




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