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Planning your Quinceañera Music


quinceañera balloons DJPlanning your Quinceañera Music

You’re having or planning an Quinceañera and not sure of your Quinceañera music options? Well let us help guide you through the process and some of the more popular options. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, which we are going to discuss here. The options we will discuss are DJs, Bands, and Music Services. All of them have one thing in Music is one of the most important parts of the day and it must be treated as such.

Hire a Quinceañera DJ

This is probably the best option for most and our favorite option for a few reasons. A professional DJ can make your event a huge success in many ways. They help set the atmosphere and the mood of the party. A good DJ knows how to pick the right music for each part of the event or big night. They can help get people dancing or having a good time. They can help get guests excited and most good DJs are a valuable resource as they have helped with events such as yours many times in the past. Every young woman, Amiga, party and Quinceañera is different but many elements are things DJs know how to help with. DJs can plan a wide range of mixes and songs based on your tastes and guests. DJs are an affordable choice for music and emcees at your special day.

Book a Live Band

Bands and live music are also a popular option for Quinceañeras as they bring a different kind of experience. Many people like live music and hearing a band sing your favorite songs can be a fun experience. Bands typically have a more narrow range of songs that they can play as opposed to a DJ and sometimes their interpretation of your favorite songs may not be exactly how you remember them but musicians are artists. We highly recommend listening to any band before hiring them to make sure their style is what you are looking for. Bands can all have a different sound so make sure you like the music if you go this route. Currents hits, classics as well as salsa and banda can all be covered by a live Quinceañera band.

Home Stereo/Ipad

Ok so you’re on a budget and can’t afford a professional DJ or band? That’s ok too, your day can be just a special it’s just going to take a bit more planning and work. There are services online with preprogrammed playlists and mixes and you can setup and work out your music ahead of time. This is a job best suited for someone who isn’t the person throwing the event or the special young lady, ask a friend or relative to be in charge of this for the event. Just like a DJ or band you must have a playlist and timing worked out. Know when you will be transitioning to another stage of the event, announcements, and dances. It is a lot to think about and that’s why we always recommend hiring a professional if possible. With some planning and the right attitude your day will be a great success.


Lot’s of choices and lots of things to think about but don’t let that get in the way of the special day. Ask for help, do your research and spend some time planning things out and everything will be just fine. Trust me, from one Amiga to another.

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