How to Choose Quinceañera Shoes


Height of Heel

Remember that the heel depends on the size of your foot, strength of your leg, size of heel diameter, and how comfortable you are with heels in general.  You need to choose carefully on the height of heel, so here is what I think is good to measure yourself.

1st time with heels: 1″ Heels

2nd or 3rd time with heels: 2″ Heels

Once you are comfortable with 2″ Heels: 3″ Heels

Be Smart and bring other shoes!

Always remember that maybe during the end or middle whilst dancing you will want other shoes to wear.  Remember to bring shoes that you’re comfortable with such as flats, sandals, sports shoes, converse, or vans.  If you feel uncomfortable with heels always remember  that these are an option throughout the event.


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