How to choose Quinceañera Accessories


Welcome back to Big Bash, Amiga.

Today we’re going to do Tips on how to choose the right Quinceañera Accessories whilst maintaining theme, comfort, appropriateness, and beauty.


Get the right kind of tiara to cover your head and engage in your beauty.  Learn about what kinds of Tiaras are best of Quinceanera’s.

Boho-chick –

A Leaf designs that uses thin silver and little jewels.  These are great for all kinds of themes and are not as pricey as the Bejeweled Tiara.


A Tiara glistening in jewels, usually made with thick silver and surrounding in types of stones, sometimes rubys, diamonds, or others depending on the special girl


Get the right kind of ring for your Quinceanera.


These are great rings and are very lovely because of all the nice colors they can come in.  This is the cheapest and nicest option available.  Stone rings go very well with the boho-chick.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rings are very safe, reliable, strong and cheap.  This is the cheapest kind of ring available depending on the kind of stones are attached.


An expensive kind of ring, durable, and reliable.


A more expensive ring shiny, and reliable.

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