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Eco-Friendly Quinceañera : 3 Concepts


Today we’re going to talk about 3 ideas to make your quince celebration eco-friendly.  Every time someone has a Quinceañera a lot of items are wasted & are not good for the environment.  Remeber that things like how to manage your waste and what it does to the environment is something to think about when throwing your Big Bash!


278562#1 – Candle Lighting

Ever thought of saving some power & lowering the electric bill while saving the planet? Heres a way, try & have your quince completely lit with candles.  This can save power, make your celebration romantic, and provide an eco-friendly environment.


7.17spraying-pesticides#2 – Pesticide free flowersoutdoor-pesticide

This is a great idea that has many benefits for both you & the earth.  Pesticide free flowers are safe and healthy so that you can ensure that their is nothing poisoning your celebration.  Sometimes kids will reach out and take a flower pedal to try and taste. So will you want the pedal to be pesticide free or poisoned?



Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-11.48.04-AM-2#3 – Online invitation

This is a very innovative way to save paper before you even start your Quinceañera.  Set up an online invitation so your family can just open an email or go on a website.  Many people say that this will ruin the invitation and make it seem ugly & therefore people will not come, this is untrue.  You can make an invitation in anyway you want with any color, whilst making the whole process easy & instant.

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