Things to Consider When Choosing a Venue for your Quinceañera

This is a short list of things that you’ll want to consider when looking for a space to hold a Quinceañera. By no means is this all but if you pay attention to these things, I think you’ll be ok and have a wonderful, special event.


Cost – If you’re on a budget you’ll want to keep the costs low as possible so that you can spend more money on things like food, beverage and fun stuff like music. If you can be flexible, weekdays can be a cheaper option at many venues.  A free space to hold the event will be the cheapest but there are also things to consider as nothing is truly free.


Location– If most of your guests are local then try to keep the venue space within a reasonable distance. If most of your guests are from out of town, a venue near the airport or hotels might be a good idea. And if everyone is staying in one place, maybe have the event there so no one has to travel.


Décor – You’ll want the ambiance and setting to match the feel of your Quinceañera so keep that in mind when you choose a venue. The less it looks like the space you want, the more you’ll have to decorate. Also keep in mind the services and amenities included with the space. Will you have to rent tables and chairs? Do they have a kitchen or will you have to hire a caterer? Is there electricity for entertainment to plug in to?


Music and Weather – Will your event be indoors or outdoors? What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate? You’ll want to be prepared and think of everything. Have back up plans in case things don’t go as planned. Will the music be too loud for the space?


Venue Size – You’ll want to know how many guests will be attending and if the space will accommodate your number. You’ll also want to know the number of guests to plan the food for the event.


Layout – Things like the flow of traffic and the activities you plan on having. Will the venue work for this? Is there a dance floor and restrooms? Will they make accomodations for any guests that have special needs?


Insurance and Parking – So many things to think about, right? Does the event have liability insurance for your event or will you have to get a policy?

quinceanera dancing

Planning our Quinceañera was a long process and the venue turned out to be one of the most difficult things to decide on. In the end we actually decided to hold it at a relative’s house in the backyard.   We thought this would be the best place to have it and also the least expensive.   And even without having to pay for a space rental there were still things that we had to plan and pay for.   We had to call out some tree trimmers to cut some old branches from overgrown trees and bushes in the backyard. They made it look beautiful.  We also had to hire a valet company to park all the cars of our guests and we brought in a caterer so we could enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about preparing food for our guests. If I had to do it over again, I would have started the planning process much earlier but it all worked out and everyone had fun.


Good luck planning your Quinceañera, we know you’ll do great and it will be a blast.


Different Types of Quince Theme


The theme that you choose for your quince big bash will decide many factors in how it will go.  When choosing a theme always make sure it’s something you like and are comfortable with because you’re gonna have to stick with it.  Today we’re going over Quinceañera themes that I have come up & been to with over the years of being at quince celebrations.


Here are some different types of Quinceañera themes:


Western Quinceañera

A Western Quinceañera will sure have everyone having fun acting like cowboys.  With this theme their are a lot of props that you can use. It surely will turn out looking beautiful because you can have horses, sheriffs, wanted posters & anything else creative.

Mexican Theme Quinceañera

A Mexican themed Quinceañera will bring everyone back to their roots.  Have sombreros, tacos, various tequila drinks for adults, Mexican dancers and music to lighten up the ceremony.

Under the Sea Quinceañera

These kinds of Quinceañera always have so much character to them, so many fish, so much blue, very fun.  With this you can serve all kinds of seafood such as sushi, poke, ect.  You can include tanks of fish, deep blue colors with any kind of animal cutouts in the center of the tables.

50’s Quinceañera

A true classical event because everyone will be suited up, and in dresses enjoying the evening with some wine.  You can have classical music, along with simple food, and old people dance moves.

Space Quinceañera

These are always lovely events as they are always so colorful and fantastic.  Add lights, a dark room, and cool alien looking things to each table.  You can be sure to get creative with the Space Theme.

Mardi Gras Quinceañera

The Mardi Gras Theme encompasses the Mardi Gras holiday all into one day where everyone can enjoy the festival.  Have colorful plates, colorful props, and very sweet food to get into the holiday.

Halloween Quinceañera

A scary Quinceañera where all the kids can dress up and enjoy halloween and candy.  Encompass the theme around Halloween if your Quince is near this time.  You can have haunted houses, scary vendors, and sweet food all around!

Black and White Quinceañera

A Black and White event will always have people loving the theme.  Have white dresses black shoes, and play around with the plates.  At the end of all the fun decorating you’ll love how it looks.

Red and White Quinceañera

A very colorful event this will be as you will have all white cakes with strawberries oozing down the sides.  All sorts of things you can do with these colors that will grab anyones attention.

American Quinceañera

The American flag can be on every corner of your event.  You can have patriotic posters everywhere, wave flags, play American Hip-hop & have an amazing time.

Princess Quinceañera

Every young woman needs to be a princess one more time before they enter the real world.  Have this amazing event and enjoy your tiara the entire night.  All the other girls in your class will be jealous that you had the princess quince theme!

Savannah Quinceañera

The animals of the Savannah will be everywhere!  Hire an animal guy to come by with snakes, monkeys, and more.  This will be the most interesting and memorable Quinceañera of all time.



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Eco-Friendly Quinceañera : 3 Concepts


Today we’re going to talk about 3 ideas to make your quince celebration eco-friendly.  Every time someone has a Quinceañera a lot of items are wasted & are not good for the environment.  Remeber that things like how to manage your waste and what it does to the environment is something to think about when throwing your Big Bash!


278562#1 – Candle Lighting

Ever thought of saving some power & lowering the electric bill while saving the planet? Heres a way, try & have your quince completely lit with candles.  This can save power, make your celebration romantic, and provide an eco-friendly environment.


7.17spraying-pesticides#2 – Pesticide free flowersoutdoor-pesticide

This is a great idea that has many benefits for both you & the earth.  Pesticide free flowers are safe and healthy so that you can ensure that their is nothing poisoning your celebration.  Sometimes kids will reach out and take a flower pedal to try and taste. So will you want the pedal to be pesticide free or poisoned?



Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-11.48.04-AM-2#3 – Online invitation

This is a very innovative way to save paper before you even start your Quinceañera.  Set up an online invitation so your family can just open an email or go on a website.  Many people say that this will ruin the invitation and make it seem ugly & therefore people will not come, this is untrue.  You can make an invitation in anyway you want with any color, whilst making the whole process easy & instant.

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How to choose food for your Quince


Welcome back Amigas,

I’m  want to tell you about my exciting day where I began preparing for my cousins Quinceañera.  We went to a big mall nearby where she got everything she needed all in one day & I’m very proud of her.  Everything she chose is amazing, I will show pictures after the Quinceanera!

So first we went to get some underwear & she needed to go to Victorias Secret for that so that’s where we went.  My cousin Sandra is a very smart girl so I trust her judgement %100.  She decided to go with a light white bra and pink underwear.  She said these are the most comfortable options they have for her.

We then went to get her shoes at a little boutique which had very expensive but good material heels.  She went with 2″ White heels so it’s pretty obvious what kind of dress she wanted to get.

Then finally we went to another boutique that sells amazing Quinceañera Dresses.  A Quince dress is usually very fluffy, wide, and heavy.  It was a little hard to choose because she found a white dress that was very smooth and nice however another dress caught her eye.  We were in there for 20 minutes before she finally decided to go with an amazing white dress.


How to choose Quinceañera Accessories


Welcome back to Big Bash, Amiga.

Today we’re going to do Tips on how to choose the right Quinceañera Accessories whilst maintaining theme, comfort, appropriateness, and beauty.


Get the right kind of tiara to cover your head and engage in your beauty.  Learn about what kinds of Tiaras are best of Quinceanera’s.

Boho-chick –

A Leaf designs that uses thin silver and little jewels.  These are great for all kinds of themes and are not as pricey as the Bejeweled Tiara.


A Tiara glistening in jewels, usually made with thick silver and surrounding in types of stones, sometimes rubys, diamonds, or others depending on the special girl


Get the right kind of ring for your Quinceanera.


These are great rings and are very lovely because of all the nice colors they can come in.  This is the cheapest and nicest option available.  Stone rings go very well with the boho-chick.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rings are very safe, reliable, strong and cheap.  This is the cheapest kind of ring available depending on the kind of stones are attached.


An expensive kind of ring, durable, and reliable.


A more expensive ring shiny, and reliable.

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Planning your Quinceañera Music


quinceañera balloons DJPlanning your Quinceañera Music

You’re having or planning an Quinceañera and not sure of your Quinceañera music options? Well let us help guide you through the process and some of the more popular options. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, which we are going to discuss here. The options we will discuss are DJs, Bands, and Music Services. All of them have one thing in Music is one of the most important parts of the day and it must be treated as such. Continue Reading


How to Choose Quinceañera Shoes


Height of Heel

Remember that the heel depends on the size of your foot, strength of your leg, size of heel diameter, and how comfortable you are with heels in general.  You need to choose carefully on the height of heel, so here is what I think is good to measure yourself.

1st time with heels: 1″ Heels

2nd or 3rd time with heels: 2″ Heels

Once you are comfortable with 2″ Heels: 3″ Heels

Be Smart and bring other shoes!

Always remember that maybe during the end or middle whilst dancing you will want other shoes to wear.  Remember to bring shoes that you’re comfortable with such as flats, sandals, sports shoes, converse, or vans.  If you feel uncomfortable with heels always remember  that these are an option throughout the event.


Learn how to choose Quince Accessories!


Tips for planning a Quinceañera


Planning a Quinceañera

If you are going to have a Quinceañera, you’re going to have to plan it.  If you’re going to plan it you need to be prepared.  Here are some steps coming from Amiga Big Bash that inform you on creative ways to prepare for your

  1. Get a partner to help you party plan.  Have a planner and organized sheet of paper so they can help you out.
  2. Be serious about your budget and stick to it.  It’s very easy to get lost in having a very big party with many details but it’s very important to remember what you should be focussing on, family.
  3.  Quinceañera’s are about family so try and plan it to be family oriented.
  4. Choose a theme that you will be sticking with throughout the preparation.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with theme so don’t be afraid to try other things, or things you’re more aware with.
  5. Figure out a color scheme and stick to it.  This will really help with blending in the decoration’s so you can make the perfect setup.
  6. Make sure to research and read up on all of the vendors you will be contacting.  It is important to take your vendor information seriously because it is possible to mess them up.
  7. Make sure that you supply enough places for people to sit down.  If you are expecting older side of the family coming then put up extra chairs in places you think they’d like to sit.
  8. Hire a babysitter for the kids at the party.  This can make everything a lot more fun as you ensure safety, and parents can get away from their kids for a bit.
  9. Make sure to do your research on the medical conditions of guests.  Make it clear exactly what you are serving and have something for everyone.  Examples of this is an allergy.
  10. Seating people that know each-other or have a higher chance of becoming friends is always a good idea when giving people table cards with numbers on them.
  11. Make sure at the end of the party that you fulfill thank you notes for everyone that was their.  This can be a crucial aspect as a lot of people expect to get a card in return for their arrival.





The Origin of The Quinceañera

500 Years ago, Quinceañera meant the celebration for the 15th anniversary and to present them as prospective wives.  In the present, a Quinceañera is a event that was passed on along the culture and now celebrates a new meaning.  A bridge to womanhood.  Hispanic Teenagers celebrate these events in anyway possible.  Sometimes $10,000’s of dollars are spent just to have a few hundred people gather together for a night.  This night is very special for the family and the growth of the young girl as it represents her passing to adulthood.   Even traditions done as a ceremony 500 years ago are still being done today during the reception.  Examples of these are The Last doll, Change of Shoes, Waltz, & The Toast.


Welcome to Amiga Big Bash, the official Quinceañera blog.  This is the place to be if you want learn anything informative about Quinceañera’s.